Intramural Program KICKS OFF tomorrow!

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The Fall 2013 Intramural program kicks off tomorrow with our largest registration ever! Building upon a solid program last year and our Spring Clinic, we have over 20 teams from ages 4 to 8 participating in a program guided by the US Youth Soccer Association and led by our own fantastic parent volunteers, our Intramural Director, John Fecile and the Director of Coaching and the GVHS Boys Men Varsity Coach, Jim Wallace.

Each of our 8 week sessions are planned for our coaches following learning appropriate US Youth Soccer Guidelines. The focus is on FUN-damentals. It’s NOT 8 kids on a field with a goalie and everyone trying to learn positions. It’s one on one with the soccer ball and playing short sided games of 3v3 or 4v4 that allow for plenty of touches on the ball. It’s learning the game from the beginning.

We look forward to seeing all of our young athletes, their parents and their supporters as we take to the field tomorrow night!

Did I mention that we are also naming each of our teams after the English Premier League? Each Saturday morning we’ll have our own ‘Manchester United vs. Liverpool’ or ‘Manchester City vs. Norwich’. The kids will have an appropriate jersey/t-shirt to show their Premier League colors!

Have a great week and we’ll see you on the pitch!

Coach Phil

Vice-President, Garnet Valley Soccer Club